Halston muse discusses working with the renowned designer of the Studio 54 era

Chris Royer was a “Halstonette,” one of the glossy squad of glamorous creatures who encircled the designer as he flitted through starry press events and Studio 54. But she also significantly contributed to his creativity behind the scenes. As the bingeworthy Netflix biopic continues to pique interest in the late designer, Royer shared her experiences during an Instagram Live with founder of VERYNewYork PR agency, R Scott French, and fashion historian Vivian Kelly.

“He liked me because I had a creative background,” said the former Pratt design student. “I knew what draping and pinning meant and I could stand for

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Dave ‘Davey D’ Cook, the ‘hardest working man in hip-hop,’ passes the baton to a new generation

Davey D. Credit: BFRESH Photography

Bay Area Book Festival logo 2021This story is brought to you by the Bay Area Book Festival.

They call Oakland’s own Davey D “the hardest working man in hip-hop” for a reason. Equal parts witness, pioneer and keeper of the genre’s greatest stories, this Bronx-born UC Berkeley grad is a hip-hop Renaissance Man.

Davey D started off as an emcee in New York, then moved to the Bay to learn the secrets of funk and freedom. Here, he was instrumental in founding two major hip-hop institutions: the Bay Area Hip-Hop Coalition, one of the nation’s first hip-hop radio deejay

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Misa Hylton dishes on her history with hip hop fashion and working with Mary J. Blige

Misa Hylton dishes on her history with hip hop fashion and working with Mary J. Blige

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Courtesy of Macy’s

Misa Hylton bridged the gap between fashion and hip hop in the ’90s, styling R&B artists in hip hop streetwear. The fashion designer tells ABC Audio her initial gig came at just 17 years old. 

“While I was still actually in high school in my senior year, I had the opportunity to work with Sean Combs with Jodeci. [Combs] had just went from intern to A&R and

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How we know vaccines are working, a tattoo scam sends customers to Oak Park, getting a vaccine at Meijer

The collision course of spiking pandemic infection rates and climbing vaccine access taking place in Michigan is putting the state in a real-time experiment of just how effective treatments against COVID-19 can be.

There’s been an alarming rise in coronavirus cases in Michigan, pushing the state’s infection rate well past the threshold most health orders have strived for. But most of those cases have been in younger people. 

Elderly people aren’t catching it as frequently, Dr. Adnan Munkarah said Monday, as evidence in Henry Ford Health System’s recent patient data.

“Vaccinations are our way out of

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How Long to Wait Before Working Out After Getting a Tattoo

Eugenio MarongiuGetty Images

So, you got a new tattoo. Awesome—congrats on the new ink. Your body art is going to stick with you for the rest of your life, so make sure you know how to take care of it to keep it in top shape.

But tattoo aftercare isn’t just something that happens in the shop or in the immediate few hours post-inking. “Depending on the tattoo, healing time is typically two weeks,” says Josh Arseneau, an artist at Electric Anvil in Brooklyn, New York, who has been tattooing professionally for 11 years. “[Exercise] is probably okay

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