Tattoos that disappear in a year? Ink with commitment issues

Tattoos that disappear in a year? This is ink with commitment issues.

The Brooklyn-based tattoo shop creates tattoos that look like the real deal but completely disappear after a year

Ephemeral Tattoo has just changed the relationship status with your ink from a life-long commitment to a year-long fling. The newly opened, Brooklyn-based tattoo shop is revolutionising the industry with tattoos that are applied in the same way and look just like a typical tat, but only last for nine to 15 months. 

The secret is in the brand’s unique fade-able ink, which was developed in-house by two chemical engineers

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25 Minimalist Tattoos that Say More With Less (2021)



When it comes to minimalist tattoos, the idea less is more applies here. It is a fantastic technique that uses black lines, minimal color and aims to simplify the design. People choose to get the style in a small size or focus on the outline and the most basic elements; this makes the subject of the ink clear and adds to the overall meaning. If you want a delicate yet simple tattoo, then the minimalist approach is a great choice. These pieces are often devoid of shading and are created using crisp and clean lines. That said, there is no

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40 Unique Wedding Ring Tattoos For Couples (2021)

Wedding ring tattoo designs are so much fun to look at when you’re trying to decide between a traditional band or a couples tattoo that you can wear on your finger.

On your wedding day, you’ll say your vows, exchange your wedding rings, and pledge to spend forever with someone you love. And just as you will spend the rest of your life with your partner, you will also be wearing your chosen couple’s rings for just as long.

But even more permanent and commemoratory than a traditional wedding rings is a wedding ring tattoo.

Why do people get wedding

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Why Do Ariana Grande’s Tattoos Keep Vanishing?

3 June 2021, 12:04

Ariana Grande’s arm tattoos haven’t been visible recently.

Getty / Ariana Grande/Instagram

Ariana Grande’s arm tattoos appear to have suddenly disappeared – but has she actually had them removed?

After Ariana Grande’s wedding to Dalton Gomez, eagle-eyed fans have noticed some of her trademark tattoos on her arm had vanished.

The ‘God Is A Woman’ hitmaker famously had an Eevee the Pokémon design on the inside of her arm and a large butterfly below her right shoulder, as well as designs on her hands.

From Harry Styles To Taylor Swift – All Your Favourite Pop

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Tattoos and Art: The artist’s perspective

As an illustrative form of self-expression, tattoos make one’s body their own personalised art gallery marked with creativity.

InkPark Tattoo Studio’s Avijit Saha says, “Just as an artist paints on white paper, the human body is like a canvas to a tattoo artist.”

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As such, tattoos become a permanent part of oneself.

Nyeem Mahmud from Exotic Piercing BD says, “Tattoos boost one’s spirituality, inner beauty, and make one feel more confident.”

As tattoos have this unique empowering quality, it is crucial that getting a tattoo today does not result

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30 Sureal 3D Tattoos Ideas to Try (2021)


The beauty of 3D tattoos is that they have an extra dimension, making it look as though your chosen design is coming to life on your skin. It could appear as if it’s hovering above you, for example, with a butterfly or dragonfly piece. Or inside you, tearing through your muscles, as is often the chosen approach for an American flag inking or a heart. It is a style that is becoming increasingly popular because of its detailing, with the images being hyper-realistic. There is no easier way to make a statement. That said, it is also one of the

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