YouTuber Salutes ‘Californication’ With Dazzling Bass Styles

YouTubers continue to wow us with fresh takes on songs that most everyone’s familiar with and on the anniversary date of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Californication album, we’ve got Charles Berthoud offering a fun but also pretty damn impressive bass performance of the title track from that Chili Peppers album.

Berthoud and his friend approach their video performance as if the “Californication” bass solo was the hardest bass solo in the world, adding some humor with a sped up version of Flea performing and video of Kirk Hammett allegedly struggling to pick it up. Then looking at the tabs

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Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles have ‘grown closer as a couple,’ more news | Gallery

5:30am PDT, Jun 5, 2021

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Is Harry Styles launching a perfume and makeup line?

Is Harry Styles the next celebrity beauty mogul?

According to documents obtained by Page Six Style, the “Golden” singer, 27, was recently named as the director of a newly registered company which promises to offer fragrance and cosmetics.

The company, called Pleased As Holdings Limited, was registered with the UK Company Directory on May 25, and sleuthed out by Styles fan account @TheHarryNews on Friday.

Emma Spring — who has been Harry’s assistant for years and is even the mother of his godchild, Arlo, for whom the singer has a tattoo — is listed as the company’s other director.


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Harry Styles Appears Tattoo-less While Filming ‘My Policeman’

Harry Styles went swimming topless. That’s it. That’s the story.

Just kidding, of course. Harry Styles was pictured swimming topless in the sea in Brighton, on set for his latest film My Policeman (swoon), but that’s not the whole story. Yes, viewers were able to catch a glimpse of Mr Styles’ toned physique in the rather chilly English Channel, and maybe that will take all of your focus if you’re a true Styles Stan, but my mind wandered elsewhere. (Not there, get your mind out of the gutter.)

Maybe it’s the older Millennial in me, but seeing Styles being dipped

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Inside the Drama Shaking Up the New York Times’ Styles Section

Choire Sicha’s sudden departure as The New York Times’ Styles section editor shocked many at the paper. He left a job previously described by the Times leadership as “one of the most important features jobs in American journalism” for a newsletter position—a sign some took as a demotion.

The move also took many by surprise, as some Styles employees only learned that it was Sicha’s last day on the team from a tweet posted by NBC News media reporter Dylan Byers. Six insiders at the publication suggested to The Daily Beast that Sicha’s transfer was the result of

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How These Men In The Music Industry Are Redefining Masculinity | Lil Nas X, Harry Styles, Kid Cudi & More

Photo: Music Industry

I personally love this emerging movement of men embracing their artistry and gender expressions through the use of clothing and style. It is refreshing to watch men be men without sacrificing their creativity and sensitivity to meet society’s standards. It is effective in challenging the gender stereotypes that have taken over our lives and the perceptions we may have of people. Many men in the entertainment industry have donned themselves in attire that would be categorized as feminine but it seems to be happening more frequently in the music industry.

Of course, we can’t forget musical

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