Alfred Schlesinger Obituary (2021) – Los Angeles, CA

January 1, 1927 – June 1, 2021 A Man For All Seasons, Alfred had a happy gene, a calm gene, a genius gene. He was admired and loved his whole life and delighted in being an attorney, particularly a music attorney. Being a music attorney afforded him a joyful practice. His laughter overflowed from his home and office. It was a delight for his fellow attorneys, clients, friends and family to hear.Yes, some of his clients could be difficult but he liked them and cared about them. He appreciated their creativity and they were almost always interesting. They knew they

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DAVID HAERLE – Los Angeles Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist Pens Tribute To EDDIE VAN HALEN; “Eddie” Single And Video Available

Losing Eddie Van Halen last year was a tremendous loss for many, including singer-songwriter-guitarist David Haerle. “Eddie”, his latest single out today, is a tribute to the man who, as David puts it, “performed miracles on six strings.”

“Eddie” is now available to stream/buy on all digital platforms and the music video can be viewed below.

“I love Van Halen,” David shares. “I was 11 years old riding in the car with my dad near our home in Los Angeles and ‘Runnin’ With The Devil’ came thundering across the airwaves. That sound spoke to me. The song starts off with

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May 2021 Image magazine – Los Angeles Times

There are various ways of seeing L.A. for what it is. You just need to take the time to look. For this second issue of Image magazine, we sought to reflect the city’s energy and vibrance in a way that feels true to the Los Angeles we know and love. This issue is called “L.A. — We. See. You!” It attempts to capture the wave the people who drive culture are on. That means more of the limitless brilliance of the city’s creatives. More style. More art.

Open the book — or scroll through — and stay awhile. The L.A.

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5 Los Angeles poets on life beyond the pandemic

Poet and teacher Sesshu Foster stands in his Alhambra neighborhood.

(Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)

The woman is coming to see me about some work-related papers. How to start again? How to wake up? Someone is knocking on the door. The kids are up, talking and laughing. I hurry up to put water on to boil. The phone is ringing again. I want one cup of tea. One.

From an untitled poem by Sesshu Fosger

IT’S BEEN 25 YEARS since “City Terrace Field Manual,” Sesshu Foster’s first poetry collection, was published. The book, in which the poet celebrates his

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Judith F. Baca Plans to Expand Great Wall of Los Angeles –

Judith F. Baca’s The History of California, better known as the Great Wall of Los Angeles, is an epic mural cycle that envisions history from the perspective of Indigenous, Black, Latinx, and Asian people, who have historically been pushed to the margins of mainstream versions of L.A. history centering white politicians, activists, and more. In the work, Baca highlights the important—and painful—moments to which these communities have bore witness over the centuries. But the work has never charted the recent past—its focus has cut off at the 1950s since 1983, when the mural was completed.

That will all change

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