Native Americans in New Hampshire bring their history into the light

Darryl Peasley and his friend Sherry Gould started the Abenaki Trails Project in August 2020, not only to correct misconceptions about Native Americans in New Hampshire, but also to verify their long history – and ongoing presence – in the state.

The group holds hikes and paddling trips to explore Native American sites in the area and has worked with historical societies and museums to sponsor exhibits.

Why We Wrote This

History is only as useful as it is thorough. By bringing their history out of the shadows, Abenaki people paint a fuller picture of New Hampshire’s past – and

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Art, Music, History Mark Renaming of Paterson’s Vreeland Triangle Park to Amistad Park

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A Look Back At Nintendo’s Long History Of Art, Music And Game Making Software – Feature

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Between the Super Mario Maker games, Miitopia, and now the soon to be released Game Builder Garage, the last decade has seen Nintendo embrace the creativity of its players to produce fun content for all to experience. It’s amazing to see the creativity of the communities that form around these games — whether they’re crafting incredible characters in Miitopia’s expanded Mii Maker tool or designing intricate courses in Super Mario Maker 2 — but for Nintendo offering creative suites and platforms to players is actually nothing new.

The ease of access to online sharing and

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Archiving history- The New Indian Express

Express News Service

KOCHI: Jaijith James has over 3,000 newspapers in his collection. This Kochi-native has been collecting and filing interesting news stories across three categories — news articles, photographs, and Kochi’s history. Though he started the collection as a hobby in school, Jaijith holds somewhat of a key to the past with him now. 

“In school, I used to cut photographs and news articles of sports stars from newspapers and paste them in books. During high school, I started focusing more on national and political events. I had to take a break in between because my grandfather complained about

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Arkansas Made: Humor, surrealism and ingenuity in our state’s material history

In 1990 and 1991, when Arkansas was sashaying into the Southeastern Conference and the U.S. presidency was but a twinkle in Bill Clinton’s eye, researchers Swannee Bennett and Bill Worthen published a two-volume book set called Arkansas Made — a compendium of the material arts in Arkansas between 1819 and 1870. Bennett was then-curator of the Arkansas Territorial Restoration, the half-block of historic houses that would become the Historic Arkansas Museum in downtown Little Rock; Worthen was its director.

Like the museum campus itself, the Arkansas Made volumes have since been meticulously expanded and revised through the efforts of those

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History in a suitcase: This Chennai resident has been collecting newspaper clippings for 30 years

This week, Vijay Shekhar will complete three decades of his hobby of storing newspaper clippings of major world events

We made Dalgona coffee, baked banana bread, played board games, and even picked up the old habit of reading again. But for 46-year-old Chennai resident Vijay Shekhar, the lockdown meant something different — it presented an opportunity to add more structure to his three-decade long hobby of collecting newspaper clippings of important events across the world.

While bigger libraries and institutions devote a large space for this kind of archival exercise, Vijay is doing it at a much smaller scale: his

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