These fans react to Man United’s Paul Pogba’s Euro 2020 form for France

It’s common to see players who play better for their country rather than their club, but the thing about Paul Pogba is that he’s just an absolute world-beater when he plays for France.

It’s not to say that he’s bad for Man United, but it’s just the case that they rarely see the utterly phenomenal form that he saves for France.

It’s hard to tell the reasons for it, it could simply be that the style of play for France suits him better and perhaps the coach knows how to get the best out of him, or perhaps the Premier

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Euro 2020 stickers from Panini: See the complete album collection [VIDEO]

Euro 2020 stickers from Panini

With Euro 2020 fever in full swing, one of the ways to enjoy the experience of the tournament is with the recently released UEFA Euro 2020 stickers from Panini.

The beautiful 96-page sticker album features all 24 participating teams. It’s the 11th official sticker book for a European Championship. The first European Championship album from Panini was for the 1980 finals in Italy. Panini and UEFA have worked together ever since.

READ MORE: Collecting Panini’s Euro 2020 stickers is a perfect accompaniment to watching the tournament

While the business of producing Euro 2020 stickers is a massive task, finding the

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NMA- Fantasy Euro 2020: A Tactical Analysis of Each Team

Step inside for a fantasy-focused tactical perspective on all 24 teams in the Euro 2020 tournament.

Group A


Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Playstyle: Direct, Wide build-up.

Strength: Solid defense leading to serial goal-poaching

Weakness: Space behind fullbacks.

Joker: Italy plays the opening match, so we see a confirmed lineup about an hour before our deadline.

Best fantasy options: Leonardo Spinazzola (DEF), Domenico Berardi (MID), Ciro Immobile (FWD).

Italy has seven consecutive clean sheets coming in. This is the best form the Italians have been in before a major tournament for the past decade, so they could enjoy a

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Collecting Panini’s Euro 2020 stickers is a perfect accompaniment to watching the tournament

Part of the culture of being a soccer fan is immersing yourself in the sport — everything from your favorite soccer kits, as well as picking up the must-read books and watching the recommended films and documentaries. Delving deeper into the fandom, there are soccer collectibles. And when it comes to a year of a major tournament, for example Euro 2020, a really enjoyable way to complement your tournament-watching experience is to dive into collecting the official Euro 2020 soccer stickers.

While collecting soccer trading cards is more of an American pastime, soccer stickers is much bigger overseas than in

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England’s renaissance provides opportunity to compete with the best at Euro 2020

A renaissance. French for ‘rebirth’. A period of history donned with marking the start of the modern age. A thirst of learning, born from the study of ancient times of Greece and Rome, to propel themselves forward culturally, scientifically and artistically. It was a wave that would stretch across Europe and widen perspective more than ever before.

Football has become maligned for its lack of creativity and flair in these contemporary times. It was a criticism that has been levelled on the shores of England for as long as many could remember. After an exit in yet another international

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