Macka Diamond big and trending with new single | Entertainment

Instagram Live sessions are known to be lively and, true to form, dancers Dyema Attitude and her sister, Tallup, jumped in on Macka Diamond’s ‘ live’ this week and gave fans a show to remember.

“Macka, memba seh a we seh big ‘oman whe look good. Big ‘oman versus young gal! Macka, dem yah young gal yah can’t walk inna we shoes. We old and fit inna di Gideon. Physically fit,” Dyema said on the live, in response to Tallup’s catty statements about arthritis.

“Tallup outta order. A we seh big and trending. Memba when we a go town Macka,

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RBAF Diamond Jubilee stamps draw avid collectors

Lyna Mohamad

After the first day covers and stamps marking the Diamond Jubilee of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) went on sale yesterday, Vicky Kitchin and her husband Jon were among the early birds at the Stamp Gallery in the capital who snapped up a set for their collection.

The two British teachers at Jerudong International School shared the hobby and have amassed a collection of Brunei first day covers since arriving in the country.

Whenever a new one was announced, they would drop by the post office to snap one up, said Kitchin, adding that there was a

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