Gareth Coker’s Immortals Fenyx Rising Score Mixes Authenticity, Creativity SPIN

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how Jane Asher inspired Campaign’s Creativity issue cover

“Next issue is the creativity issue.” Ooh, that’s exciting. I’ll be able to do something creative.

A few months ago there were some viral tweets of images from a fancy dress book from the early 1980s by Jane Asher – of cakes, Sir Paul McCartney and acting fame.

There was something about the images that everyone seemed to respond to.

Whether it was the lavish flourishes of the costumes, the bizarre cheese sandwichiness of some of the costume choices or the incongruous moods on the facial expressions of the (sometimes celebrity) models – everyone who looked at it seemed to

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Recognition, rejuvenation, resilience – how these MayinArt artists evolve their approach to creativity

Launched in 2014, PhotoSparks is a weekly feature from YourStory, with photographs that celebrate the spirit of creativity and innovation. In the earlier 535 posts, we featured an art festival, cartoon gallery. world music festivaltelecom expomillets fair, climate change expo, wildlife conference, startup festival, Diwali rangoli, and jazz festival.

Founded by Krish Datta and Avik Bandyopadhyay, Singapore-based MayinArt is a digital platform to showcase Indian and Southeast Asian art. Images of some of these artworks have been reprinted in this article series with permission from MayinArt.

See our extended coverage here, with pictorial highlights and artist

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Island of creativity –

New exhibition venue in Hainan province provides a perfect setting for artistic work to shine, Deng Zhangyu reports.

Exhibitions are, of course, about displaying work. But the type of venue is also important. Is it big enough? Does it provide the visitor with a chance to appreciate what is being shown? Is it air-conditioned adequately, or at all? For artists who produce multimedia works and large-scale installations, spacious exhibition halls are vital yet not that easy to find.

In one place, at least, the dilemma has been solved. The newly opened Ocean Flower Island Museum in Hainan province, with eight

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Collective creativity: Jerusalem coming back to life

It warms the cockles, nay exhilarates, to see our cultural life return to ever more robust tracks. Seeing, for example, the Israel Festival take place, despite everything we have endured over the past year and a bit – not to mention more recent violent events – is hugely encouraging. But, if we are to continue to create, and to enjoy the product thereof – surely a fundamental requisite of the human race – we need to address the grassroots. Glittering showcase rollouts are all well and good, and appeal to the masses, but it is the lower register, the less
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Awaken Director Tom Lowe on Terrence Malick’s Wisdom, the Creativity of Asian Cinema, and Capturing the World’s Beauty

After visiting over 30 countries over the span of half-a-decade, Tom Lowe’s non-narrative documentary AWAKEN is an awe-inspiring look at the bonds of nature and humanity. Executive produced by Terrence Malick and Godfrey Reggio–both of whom Lowe has collaborated with on various projects––the film is seemingly inspired by the spirit of Voyage of Time and Qatsi trilogy in its vision of the world.

I said in my review, “Shot in 4K over five years across 30 countries, Lowe orchestrates a non-narrative approach, letting the footage mostly speak for itself, accompanied by Joseph Trapanese’s bombastic orchestral score and sparsely doled-out, poetic

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