Biomutant Review: A Scrappy, But Creative Open World RPG

Biomutant – Xbox One Standard Edition

“Despite biting off more than it can chew, Biomutant is a creative labor of love with strong RPG hooks.”

  • Creative worldbuilding
  • Lovely environments
  • Strong RPG hooks
  • Robust customization
  • Repetitive objectives
  • Weak boss fights
  • General instability

A lot of postapocalyptic media tends to be grim. Games like The Last of Us Part 2 are gritty stories about human beings struggling to survive in a dark and dreary world. Biomutant is downright cheerful by comparison.

The long-awaited open-world game is set in a future where humanity has been wiped out entirely and nature has reclaimed the

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Penelope Luk, Creative Director of Crafts on Peel

It goes without saying that Hongkongers are among the most discerning, well-travelled and quality-focused people on the face of this Earth. In ‘The Hit List’ — an original Lifestyle Asia interview series — we ask the city’s tastemakers and cultural arbiters to reveal their various ‘best-of’ lists: from where to reserve a table, book a spa day, bask in local culture and more…

The presence of craft — say, the indicators on a beautifully-woven raffia holdall, a tell-tale ‘hand-made’ tag on a bolero shrug or even little markers of irregularities on a ceramic vase — is valuable. We’re happy to

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Still Waters Tattoo Studio, Premium Tattoo Shop In San Antonio Offers Creative And Artsy Tattoo Designs For Residents In Tobin Hills, San Antonio, TX

Still Waters Tattoo Studio is San Antonio’s most upscale Tattoo Studio, with their Tattoo Artists having more than 25 years of experience, they are able to bring their client’s ideas into reality. They offer a wide range of tattoo selections, including Black and Grey, Traditional, Watercolor, Portrait, Realism, and all ideas, small and large. In San Antonio’s most professional and friendly environment, Still Waters Tattoo Studio is the place to go if a client is looking for high-quality work in a healthy and clean environment. 

Located in the Tobin Hill area, Still Waters Tattoo Studio is San Antonio’s newest premier

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A look at some creative displays in the Tri-Cities

For more than 10 years, glancing at The Limited women’s clothing store window display in the now empty Charlestowne Mall in St. Charles provided me with ideas for holiday and birthday gifts for my wife.

Granted, the store had a captive audience because I was ringing the bell for Salvation Army during the holiday season, and the kettle was located right outside The Limited.

It might have been the only way to truly lure a man into gazing at clothing, but it illustrated the effectiveness of a good window display.

A month before the pandemic hit in 2020, I was

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Jasika Nicole’s Creative Vision

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By the early ’90s, actress and maker Jasika Nicole (“Fringe,” “The Good Doctor” and “Punky Brewster”) already cornered the market on radical and resourceful creativity: She had lengthy and rich manuscripts about cats; a trove of pencil-drawn illustrations; and a commercial jingle writing about fictional products, played to the tunes of a used organ piano she’d received for Christmas.

Fast-forward three decades, Nicole is still fiercely creative. She’s performing, turning looks, throwing clay, and spawning artwork

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Video: Jeff Kendall-Weed & Kirt Voreis Search for Creative Lines

Video filmed by Logan Nelson // words and video editing by Jeff Kendall-Weed

“29ers can’t do barspins.” “Mountain biking is serious business.” “You should always go as fast as you can.” “You need to be a rich kid to get into the sport.” “There’s only one way to be a pro mountain biker.”

Kirt Voreis has been a staple in the sport of mountain biking since the mid-1990s. Over the last 25 or so years, he has proven all these cliches wrong–and in turn, he has really improved our sport. Kirt has an interesting story, very different from my

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