There’s Big Shoes For Next Gen. To Fill At Gen’l. Stanton Flea Market

“I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren’t trying to teach us. We are formed by little scraps of wisdom.” ~Umberto Eco


As we welcome Dads to Charlestown’s General Stanton Inn Flea Market, this 2021 Fathers’ Day Weekend, we’re reminded of what big footsteps the next generation has to follow–in learning all the savvy saving and savings techniques their Fathers have honed at this Flea Market over the years!

The General

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Macka Diamond big and trending with new single | Entertainment

Instagram Live sessions are known to be lively and, true to form, dancers Dyema Attitude and her sister, Tallup, jumped in on Macka Diamond’s ‘ live’ this week and gave fans a show to remember.

“Macka, memba seh a we seh big ‘oman whe look good. Big ‘oman versus young gal! Macka, dem yah young gal yah can’t walk inna we shoes. We old and fit inna di Gideon. Physically fit,” Dyema said on the live, in response to Tallup’s catty statements about arthritis.

“Tallup outta order. A we seh big and trending. Memba when we a go town Macka,

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Sports Card Boom: This childhood hobby has turned into big business

For many, collecting sports cards was a childhood hobby. But now, ‘the hobby’ is big business.

“I’ve got waitlists starting for products I won’t even have for two or three months. I’ve got people that want me to call them as soon as it gets here and give them a price,” said Don ‘DJ’ Joss, owner of DJ’s Sportscards in Renton.

Joss knows the sports card industry well.

“I try to have every price range in here. You can walk in with a dollar or two and get a stack of Griffey cards or some quarter stuff. You can find

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The Queen Mary, star of the big and small screen, is at risk of capsizing

By Lindsay Blake | Variety

Last week, SF Gate reported that the Queen Mary is in danger of capsizing, breaking my film-location-loving heart right in two. The former Cunard-White Star luxury cruise liner, which has been moored at the Port of Long Beach and operating as a hotel/tourist attraction since 1967, is not only one of L.A.’s most oft-filmed locales but one of its most historic, too. It’s also a highly singular lodging, the likes of which aren’t often seen in today’s modern world.

But sadly, according to an April 28 inspection of the vessel performed by naval architecture and

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Think Before You Make a Big Change

If you’re booking your appointment online, Mr. Ericsson recommends alerting the salon to your plans. If there’s space to add a note, he suggests writing that you want a dramatic change. Including this information, he said, “is really going to help to make sure that your first time with a drastic change is going to have a better outcome.”

Colored hair may require specialized shampoos, tinted conditioners or hair masks to maintain the color and nourish the hair. Shorter cuts might require more frequent trips to the salon for touch-ups. Budget accordingly.

Sophie C’est la Vie, a tattoo artist

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NFL Draft 2021 Big Board Top 200: Notre Dame’s Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah in top 10, wideouts and corners galore

You know how far away the 2021 NFL Draft is, so there’s no need for a calendar introduction here. Below you will see my Top 200 prospects in this class, a culmination of hours and hours and hours of film work and minor grading tweaks after pro day workouts over the past three or four months. 

For a quick primer, my grading system is constructed as follows — grades in five categories I deem most important to each position, weighed from most important to least important. That combination of grades equates to a prospect’s “raw grade.” But we’re not done.

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