The Creative Review Humour Issue is out now!

As you will no doubt be all too aware, the world is not a very funny place at the moment. But that seems all the more reason for us to turn our attention to humour and explore what is making us laugh these days, and why.

Creative Review’s February/March 2021 issue is dedicated to keeping us laughing in lockdown, and looks at the performers, writers, illustrators, directors and photographers that are finding humour in our everyday lives and our torrid political landscape.

While stand-up comedy has inevitably suffered through the lockdowns and restrictions wrought by the coronavirus pandemic, there is

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Art Lover Buys Digital Work for $6.6 Million

When a painting by a famous artist like Vincent Van Gogh sells for millions of dollars, it makes headlines. But what about a digital work made by a current artist? Would you expect it to sell for $6.6 million?

That is exactly what happened last week, with a 10-second video made by the artist known as BEEPLE.

Last year, an art collector from Florida bought Beeple’s video for about $67,000. Last week, the collector sold the video for $6.6 million.

The video artwork shows former U.S. President Donald Trump on the ground, with his body covered in slogans – phrases

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Tottenham 4-0 Burnley: player ratings to the theme of art that resembles this photo of Gareth Bale

I’d like to take credit for this theme, but in all honesty I cannot. Someone in the comments of the Tottenham-Burnley post-match thread made a crack about the photo used in the header of this article being “accidental Renaissance art” and, welp, I stole it for Twitter.

It did really good numbers, too. Thanks for that, whoever came up with it.

But man, this is one of those great Tottenham photos that deserves a patented Carty Free deep dive shitpost, and today that’s what we’re going to do. After a match that was fun and high scoring and good, one

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10 Best Hand Tattoos for Men 2021

Instagram @artbyscissorhands ; @bryan.gee

Hand tattoos are all the rage these days, but it’s especially important to do your research before pulling the trigger on something that permanent with that high visibility placement.

Not only is the hand one of the most prominent areas for other people to see, but it’s probably also the most visible place where you will be looking the most often. So, you need to make sure that you really love what you’re putting there. You should also keep in mind that you use your hands often and likely, especially in today’s current world, are washing

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Investing in Fine Art: A New Marketplace

When you think of investments, you think of the stock market, real estate, perhaps even education. Now, think about fine art. You might picture museums, classic pictures, and Picasso. What if you combined investment and fine art? 

Scott Lynn, art collector and founder of Masterworks, joins us on this episode of Making Bank. Recently discovering the potential that the art world has in investment opportunities, Scott created a company that allows people to invest and trade shares of paintings. Discussing how he used his love and passion for art and his knowledge of the art market, learn how Scott is

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Lightning Strikes Twice: Another Lost Jacob Lawrence Surfaces

When a nurse living on the Upper West Side checked an app for neighborhood bulletins last fall, she learned about the recent discovery of a Jacob Lawrence painting in an apartment a few blocks away. It had turned out to be one of five panels long missing from the artist’s groundbreaking 30-panel series “Struggle: From the History of the American People,” which was on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, right across Central Park.

The name Jacob Lawrence rang a bell.

She walked over to look more closely at a small figurative painting on her dining room wall, where

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