That koi street art you see all over SF? The artist also does house calls.

If you’ve wandered around San Francisco much, odds are you’ve seen a few fish on the ground.

For 14 years, street artist Jeremy Novy has been stenciling his signature orange and black koi (a subtle nod to the San Francisco Giants) throughout the Bay Area, and across North America. Nearly as ubiquitous as fnnch’s honeybears or Ricky the Rat, the swirling groups of koi make a playful addition to SF’s vibrant street art landscape. But it may serve as a surprise that in addition to stumbling onto them in the wild, you can actually commission some koi for your … Read More

Digital authentication opens new doors for art, sports collectors

Fans have been flocking by the thousands to the Top Shot online platform to buy short videos of dramatic sequences from professional basketball games, as a new virtual market enjoys astonishing success among collectors, sports fans and art lovers.

To the untrained observer, one video clip showed NBA superstar LeBron James in one of his more spectacular moves; but it lasted no more than a few dozen seconds. On Top Shot, however, it instantly became a collector’s item that sold on Monday for an eye-popping $208,000.

The video sequence is an “NFT” — a Non-Fungible Token — a virtual object

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NFTs Boom as Collectors Shell Out to ‘Own’ Digital Art

NFT technology, Harrison says, provides a way to attach a price tag to digital art, tapping into that primal high-quality hoarding instinct—the quest for status-affording Veblen goods, coveted only insofar as they are pricey—that is behind many collectors’ urge. Mix that with a frothy community eager to trade and meme any new shiny blockchain-adjacent construct to considerable prices and the trick is done.

“In this digital world, we have accelerators: Suddenly you could get three or four times what you paid for something—tomorrow there is someone ready to buy it,” Harrison says. Even better, blockchains are also able to keep

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Seattle Art Museum receives gift of 19 artworks, worth approximately $400 million

The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) received a major gift on Thursday: a charitable donation of 19 “exceptional” pieces of artwork from the Friday Foundation which celebrates the legacy of local collectors Richard E. Lang and Jane Lang Davis.

The donation includes 16 paintings, one drawing and two sculptures from the years 1945 to 1976 that were part of the Lang’s private collection. Many of the works come from members of New York’s Abstract Expressionist circle and feature artists like Francis Bacon, Lee Krasner and Joan Mitchell.

The Friday Foundation also donated $10.5 million to the museum to support care and

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How the Studio Museum in Harlem Transformed the Art World Forever


Betye Saar. Faith Ringgold. Mickalene Thomas. Julie Mehretu. Simone Leigh. Jordan Casteel. These are only a few of the Black women artists who have recently exhibited in the nation’s largest museums, like the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Guggenheim, and the Getty. But long before, it was the Studio Museum in Harlem that had the foresight and intuition to show their work, linking these women both to one another and to generations of Black artists, curators, and critics who have helped reshape American art history over the past 50 years.

sadie barnette
Sadie Barnette
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Why crypto art and sports collectibles are suddenly so popular

The cryptocurrency world is abuzz with talk of digital collectibles, unique virtual tokens that can represent anything from art to sports memorabilia.

People have been paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for these NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. One investor, Sheldon Corey from Montreal, Canada, told CNBC he paid $20,000 for one of thousands of computer-generated avatars called CryptoPunks.

CryptoPunks isn’t a new phenomenon — it was released by developers Larva Labs in 2017. But it’s boomed in popularity lately, generating $45.2 million in sales volume in the last seven days alone according to the website NonFungible, and inspiring a broader

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