One Spotify Premium plan just got more expensive. Should you still pay for it?

At this point, I’ve used Spotify for several years, and can’t imagine switching to any other service for my music streaming needs. The app is one of the most used on my phone and laptop. I’d tried Pandora and Google Play Music back in the day, but never felt compelled to invest in their premium features. When I finally gave Spotify a chance, I was quickly won over by the personalization — the curated playlists, the radio stations and the fact that the app was constantly improving itself. My only qualm — the library song limit — was

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2021 Trending Report: Family Entertainment Center Market Future Scenario 2021-2027

The Family Entertainment Center market report provides a detailed analysis of global market size, regional and country-level market size.  Nonetheless, it provides a detailed strategic SWOT analysis of the company’s operations and Family Entertainment Center markets in order to provide a transparent and unbiased image of the company’s key strengths and weaknesses, as well as potential prospects and threats.

Report overview:

According to Infinity Business Insights, the global Family Entertainment Center Market size is estimated to be valued at USD XX$ billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD XX$ billion by 2027, recording a CAGR of XX %.

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The Wolf(f) of sports memorabilia: How a man turned a hobby into a dream career | Central/Mid/Western Queens News

It’s March 9, 1971. A senior at Jamaica High School in Queens, New York, skips school for the first and only time. He’s in Manhattan, waiting outside The New YorkerHotel. Waiting for someone he considers an idol. Someone who took left hook after left hook the night before as 300 million people watched.

That someone is Muhammad Ali. The fighter emerges from the hotel with a swollen face but with his charisma intact. He had just lost the “Fight of the Century” against rival and fellow heavyweight Joe Frazier. The high school kid approaches Ali, greets him, and gets his

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Painting the Streets – Tattoo Ideas, Artists and Models

Calligraphy, not unlike tattooing, is an art form that traces its roots to myriad cultures, each with their own rules and practices. The allure of calligraphy is in the way it takes something mundane, the written word, and transforms it into something beautiful. What was once thought to be a fancy form of writing seen mostly in medieval books and on wedding invitations has blown up in the last couple of years, making its way into graffiti and tattoos. One of the artists who is driving that revolution is Keaps. We spoke with the multi-talented creator about his love of

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The World’s First Programmable Music Launch

Despite this year’s high-profile Beeple sale, the SNL feature, and celebrities creating and selling their own non-fungible tokens (NFTs), there are still many skeptics on the true value and sustainability of NFTs. A typical NFT marketplace could fluctuate alongside with the volatility of cryptocurrency, and coupled with general consumer’s lack of clarity of what exactly they are buying when they purchase an NFT, the launch of Async Music could be a much-needed game changer.

Async music allows musicians for the first time to create a changeable menu of audio composites that allow multiple versions of a single song. Musicians upload

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Post-Pandemic Fashion: Is The Office Dress Code Dead?

Post-Pandemic Fashion: Is The Office Dress Code Dead?
As workers return to their offices, will we be in suits or sweatpants?

  • As workers return to their offices, will we be in suits or sweatpants?
  • Many people are re-examining their pre-pandemic clothing style to determine if their closets still reflect who they are now.
  • Workers are likely to choose less formality and more casual norms.

Workplace style in 2020 during the pandemic took a dramatic shift towards casual attire. With many offices sitting empty, office dress codes became largely unnecessary.

For many workers who have spent the past year working from home, suits and dress shoes have been gathering

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