Advice of how to start new hobbies in lockdown! by Priyadarsine Suthan, Woodford County High School

As the end of the current lockdown is in sight, some of the hobbies we have developed are now embedded into our daily routine both good and bad. Some of us may feel that we have not been as productive or ambitious than others have been and through looking at many flaunt the new tricks and traits that they have developed, we all feel like we could have used this time more wisely. However, it is never too late to start a brand-new hobby and I have spoken to multiple people who have started the more beneficial hobbies on how

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Joanna Gaines reveals what tattoo she’ll get to commemorate her husband Chip when he dies

Joanna Gaines is planning ahead.

The HGTV alum, 42, appears in the new TV special “Breaking New Ground: Expanding the Silos,” documenting the expansion of the business she shares with husband Chip into Waco, Texas.

In the special, the star revealed how she plans to someday commemorate Chip, 46, after he dies.

“We decided to name Chip’s shop No. 16. It’s his favorite number,” Joanna explained, per People magazine. “Anything we get of his now — his undies, his white T-shirts — we put No. 16 in it. It’s a thing.”


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Pandemic art sales: Prettying up the walls we’re staring at | News

NEW YORK (AP) — If you’ve been watching experts and commentators appearing on television from their homes, their increased attention to decor might look familiar: In the early days of lockdown, they, like many of us, sat in front of blank white walls, while now their homes frequently display prominent artwork.

“Cinderella has nothing on these people,” said Claude Taylor, who created the Room Rater Twitter account with his fiancee, Jessie Bahrey. “I don’t think art is even something people thought of in April.”

It seems many Americans who are stuck staring at their walls have decided the pandemic gives

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AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron Gets $3.75 Million Bonus for ‘Extraordinary Efforts’ During Pandemic

AMC Entertainment is awarding CEO Adam Aron, among other executives, a special cash bonus to recognize their “extraordinary efforts” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The total authorized amount of bonuses being paid to employees including its “NEOs, corporate associates and theatre management” is approximately $8.3 million, according to AMC. Aron received a bonus of $3.75 million, while chief financial officer Sean Goodman received $507,500. John McDonald, EVP of US/Canada operations, received $194,550. Elizabeth Frank, VP of worldwide programming and chief content officer, received $180,650. And Stephen Colanero, EVP and CMO, received $173,875.

The bonuses are “to recognize the extraordinary efforts of

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Tattoos for Dark Skin – Experts Weigh In On Tattoo Myths for Darker Skin

Getting a tattoo is a decision that should never be taken lightly. After all, that ink is permanent. You need to think about everything from the placement, the design, the colors, and most importantly, the artist before you hand over your money and way before the needle touches skin. But for people of color and those with darker skin tones, the tattoo decision making process can be far more complicated.

Like many other industries, tattooing has been dominated by white men for decades. “When I started tattooing in the 90s, I might’ve known of maybe five professional African-American tattoo artists

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Creativity In Motion | Vogue

How do you shoot the best and brightest of the new collections during a worldwide pandemic? By getting creative as never before. This month, Vogue joined forces with an army of photographers and models all around the globe—stable Zoom connections required, please!—and sent clothes via courier services everywhere from Beijing to Brazil, Lagos to Los Angeles. Our concept? Simple, glorious movement: After a year of stasis, immobility and lockdowns, we wanted to see spring fashion breaking free. These are the looks we love, shot by the photographers we adore, on the run and out for a walk, a swim, a

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