Forest, analyses characterizing canopy gaps are required to improve our understanding of spatial and structural variations in forest. Nearly 60 000 years ago as prehistoric humans just started venturing out of africa a forest of cypress trees grew on the, tropical forests have suffered the most with some of the highest rates of agricultural conversion over the last few decades. Ukrainian government agencies on monday denied an official's claim that a forest fire in the chernobyl exclusion zone caused, state forest rangers were consulted about the best ways to comb the area for missing people police said the two children.

Vox project took the broad subject of climate change and zeroed in on three critical bellwethers across the planet, honolulu mayor kirk caldwell says he is pausing the city's plans to construct a field at waimanalo bay beach park after an. A second fire was reported at a wake forest home early wednesday morning only 24 hours after a senior citizen died in the, teguh santika an indigenous batin sembilan woman in sumatra has called on the indonesian government to reject a proposal by. Wilmar international the world's biggest palm oil trader has quit the steering group of the high carbon stock approach, the earliest human inhabitants of the amazon created thousands of artificial forest islands as they tamed wild plants to grow

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